Schools & Colleges

As part of Diffusion Festival we are offering bespoke tours for schools and colleges from a selection of the 22 exciting exhibitions across the city.

This year Diffusion Festival is exploring the theme of Looking for America, an contemporary insight of the meaning of the ‘American Dream’ in relation to Wales.

From a month long program of exhibitions and events we can build a tour specifically for your group.

Group visits to the exhibitions with guided tours are free provided booked via the Learning Team at [email protected] or this Booking form.

Once we have received your booking form we will send you confirmation and start building your bespoke tour. Free guided tours should be booked at a minimum of 3 days in advance.

You do not need to book if you’re a school wishing to visit and do not require a tour.
When we have received your booking form, we will send you confirmation and discuss which exhibitions would be most relevant for your group.

On arrival at each venue you will be greeted by a live guide or member of staff.

The tours themselves will last approximately 20 minutes at each exhibition.

We aim to facilitate an informal discussion of the work with a chance for the group to ask questions and engage in creative dialogues.

Health and Safety. 

Please note that teachers and supervisors are responsible for students’ safety at all times. Some of the exhibits have elements which are not secured to fixtures so please be aware of your students touching and handling work.

Talk to the learning team. If you need to discuss any queries about the tours or make special arrangements please don't hesitate to ask [email protected]


We aim to respond to emails within 2 working days.

Downloadable Resources

San Francisco 64 & A Pink Flamingo

And Now Its Dark

Higher Ground

Trigger Questions


Group Show
04 -30 October

​Southwestern Reflections

Matt Wright
01 -31 October

Thinking Photography

This is Not My Beautiful House

Marc Arkless
01 -31 October

​Huw Alden Davies Book Launch

Huw Alden Davies

Seeing the Elephant

22 -07 November

Looking for America Symposium

30 October

Looking for America Instagram Residencies

Group Show
02 -31 October

​Ffotomatic for the people

01 -31 October

Collecting snapshot photography

Marc Arkless
18 October

Wood block print your digital photos

​3D print a pinhole camera

17 October

​Picture Yourself

24 October

Enter the Dragon

24 October

The Camera & ...

15 -23 October

Hidden Presence Talk

Eva Sajovic
13 October

After Dark - Photographic Ramble

Group Show
08 October


02 -22 October

Cardiff Pride of Place Project

The Caravan Gallery

Hidden Presence

Eva Sajovic, Julian Germain
01 -31 October

extra{ordinary} - Photographs of Britain by The Caravan Gallery

The Caravan Gallery
01 -31 October

Akula Dream

George Barber
01 -31 October

Chipwood and Choppers

Gwyn Williams
01 -31 October

Higher Ground

Hillerbrand + Magsamen
01 -31 October

Detroit: Unbroken Down

Dave Jordano
01 -31 October

Land Ends

Melissa Moore
01 -31 October


Matt Wilson
01 -31 October

San Francisco ‘64

Arthur Tress
01 -31 October


David Magnusson
01 -31 October

Poise, Power, and Protocol

Caitlin Rueter
03 -23 October


Ken Griffiths
01 -24 October

Moving Forward, Looking Back

Janire Nájera
01 -31 October

I Called her Lisa-Marie

Clementine Schneidermann
01 -31 October

Towards America - Home Sweet Home

Group Show
01 -17 October

High School/Right

Jona Frank
01 -31 October


Serge Clement
02 -31 October

As It was Give(n) to Me

Stacy Kranitz
01 -31 October

And Now it's Dark

Will Steacy, Todd Hido, Jeff Brouws
01 -31 October


Delphine Diallo
01 -31 October

A Tale of Two Cities

Group Show
01 -31 October

Appalachian Coal Camps

Roger Tiley
01 -31 October


Stephen McLaren
01 -31 October

A Pink Flamingo

Jack Latham
01 -31 October