​Huw Alden Davies Book Launch

30 October, Chapter, 4:30 pm

Free – all welcome

Arranged using a collection of photographs and short texts, Huw Alden Davies’ new book ‘Prince’ explores the lines of photographic and illustrative story telling, creating a detailed portrait that forms a dramatic, and often humorous study of the artist’s father, a bi-product of a generation, and his slanted views of the world.

Huw Alden Davies on ‘Prince’:

“Although there is an old adage that “A boy’s best friend is his mother”, to which I can attest, it is also a rite of passage that a boys father becomes his first Hero, and my Hero was a Prince.

Known as Prince, my father (John Alden Davies), has been recognised by this namesake for most of his life. By his friends, his family, and by all that have met him, and although, to him this was simply a name, to a boy with little knowledge or care in the world, this was colossal. My father was royalty, not like Prince Charles, who to me was a man that married a Princess called Diana and peered inanimately from a plate on the dining room wall, but a real hero, a hero like Prince Adam of Eternia (except without a ‘Battle Cat’, or a sword). And although time inevitably reveals the disillusion of childhood, some things just stay with us, and my father, through all our differences, he remains a fascination.

This project is not only an attempt to reconnect with this childhood notion, but to try and record and capture the essence of a man and his eccentricities. To Document a side unknown to others and to explore the physiological or even cultural elements that inform the image that should have once been my role model.”

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​Huw Alden Davies Book Launch

Huw Alden Davies


Huw Alden Davies

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