​Southwestern Reflections

Matt Wright is a lens-based visual artist engaged in the creative exploration of the 360º photographic image. His work explores the potential of the 360º imagery when presented in a 3-dimensioanl spherical format he calls the Photosphere.

Wright captures high definition 360º images and creates large scale photographic sculptures which he then reinstalls at their original point of origin. This transforms a medium synonymous with digital display into a physical artifact which interrupts the environment it documents providing a unique chance to reflect both upon the environments engaged with and the wider use of photography as a recording mechanism.

As part of Wright’s ongoing exploration into the potential of the photospherical form, the American Landscape series of Photospheres introduces the format for the first time into the iconic natural landscapes of the American West.

Originally captured views from research visits in 2011 & 2012 were turned into Photospheres in 2013 and installations of these sculptures have occurred since thanks to the support of Wales Art International, International Opportunities Grant.

11am - 5pm Tue - Sat


Stadium Plaza

Wood Street

CF10 1LA

​Southwestern Reflections

Matt Wright

01 -31 October