And Now it's Dark

AND NOW IT’S DARK focuses on the ways that light transforms the darkness. Whether subsumed or illuminating, the presence of light is often revelatory, literally revealing what is hidden or drawing attention to what is often overlooked or unacknowledged. The three photographers, gathered here for the first time in the UK, have been drawn to places and spaces at night and in darkness actively charged by the transformative power of light.

Jeff Brouws’ peripatetic road journeys through the US form a crucial role in his ‘mapping’ of a changing American landscape. Brouws captures the glow of headlamps and neon, the illuminated attractions and distractions of the American roadside, which combine to produce a troubling picture of commercial encroachment and reshaping of the landscape.

Will Steacy’s project, Down These Mean Streets, is the culmination of a series of ‘night walks’ made by the photographer from a variety of regional airports to the financial centres of nearby cities. Steacy’s work confronts the economic hinterlands, abandoned places and ‘peripheral’ resident populations seemingly forgotten or ignored by mainstream American politics.

Although less overtly political in tone, Todd Hido’s night photographs are imbued with a psychological tension and emotional drama that underpin the suburban landscape, a landscape borne of the post-World War II economic boom in 1950s America.

AND NOW IT’S DARK has been curated by Dr. Mark Rawlinson, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Nottingham, with Neil Walker (Head of Visual Arts Programming, Djanogly Gallery), and was first shown at the Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham Lakeside Arts, in 2014.

11am - 5pm Tue - Sat


Turner House

Plymouth Rd


CF64 3DH

And Now it's Dark

Will Steacy, Todd Hido, Jeff Brouws

01 -31 October