Walk and Talk

Thursday 29th October 5.30pm BayArt

Photographer Serge Clément will talk about his collection of photographs – Dépaysé currently on show at BayArt.

This series has developed on the margins of many of his photographic projects over a forty-year career. Clément is a master of the play of mirrors and of deceptive transparencies, of subtle filtering meant to disorient the viewer and to make him move between real and imaginary space. This space is made up of intimacy,secrets, silence and solitude. Clément thus confronts us with an almost surreal strangeness.

Clément is an internationally renowned artist who is based in Montreal. Although his approach stems from documentary photography, it extends beyond this into the subjective and it reveals the world as an uncertain, fugitive and poetic place.

12pm – 5pm Tue - Sat


54 B/C Bute Street

Cardiff Bay

CF10 5AF

United Kingdom

Walk and Talk

Serge Clement

29 October
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